Sterling Currency Group, LLC’s Response to United States Attorney’s Charges

February 22, 2016

Statement by Sterling Currency Group, LLC regarding charges brought by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia.
In June 2015, the United States Attorney's office for the Northern District of Georgia obtained search warrants and filed a civil forfeiture complaint as part of an investigation into Sterling and the Iraqi Dinar industry. Since then, Sterling provided evidence it believes demonstrated to the U.S. Attorney’s Office that the central factual allegations in the civil forfeiture complaint were inaccurate, and in some instances flatly false. Despite that, the U.S. Attorney’s Office has brought criminal charges against Sterling’s two owners and its chief operating officer.

From Sterling's perspective, these charges are without any merit. Sterling, a lawful business which sold a lawful product, was owned and operated by law-abiding and conscientious individuals, two of whom served extensively in the United States Armed Forces. These executives worked hard to ensure Sterling complied with all state and federal laws and regulations. This included investing enormous resources into its compliance program and maintaining extensive legal and other professional counsel to ensure it was fully compliant with all applicable laws.

Sterling and the named individuals strongly deny the U.S. Attorney’s charges and look forward to vigorously defending themselves throughout this process and at trial.